Minderhoud technique is specialized in ship repairs and services. This refers in particular to repairs above the waterline and to the ships. It should be thought of the supply, removal and installation of generators, the supply and repair of winches, the repair and replacement of piping, making and weighing of constructions in the machine room.

Various projects are being made in our construction workplace. This can be a steel structure such as a crane, sieve or other machine foundation, for example repair of bins, grippers, etc., making structures for seabed. In addition, we also carry out repairs to various construction work.
We have certified welders for welding work.

Our company is specialised in industrial repairs and services. In this area, for example, we take care of repairs to technical installations, and especially hydraulic, mechanical and technical construction.

In the case of technical installations must be thought of cooling and freezing installations on ships, installations for the unloading of ships and trucks, hydraulic systems, for example, to raise in water seals and equipment used for composting. In addition, we can also design these plants for different applications.

The provision of services, the provision of a full-service package. What we mean, for example, the provision of supplies and transports, taking care of the lifting operation etc. when a work is to be carried out to arrange this fully, even the things that do not directly in our delivery package.

We have been active in this sector and understand the importance of flexibility and adequate response. If necessary, you can also outside the regular hours or on the weekend our assistance. We have a permanent team skilled employees who need to know exactly what is expected of them. We have in our warehouse many materials in stock, so we can act quickly. Also STAINLESS STEEL. This can also be processed further by us.